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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

use the .75/1 breakfast hot pocket for doubles today only

NO TREE TOP JUICE BOXES at caldwell near stadium. they dont get it until tomorrow night :(

My HOT hot pocket deal:
the hot pockets are 1.88, all the blogs are posting use the .50/1 insert coupon for them but i found a much better deal!

there is a .75/1 hot pocket breakfast insert coupon from 9/27
I used it with doublers to get them for .38 cents

TO top it off, when you purchase 3 at a time, with 3 doublers and 3 coupons,
you get a print out catalina for $1.50 off any quesadilla hot pocket.
i ran back and got one more at 1.88, minus the 1.50 off = .50 for the box

woot woot!

i purchased
3 lean pocket ham and egg breakfast boxes
used 3 doublers
used 3 .75/1 insert coupons
= $1.14 for 3 boxes, got $1.50/1 quesadilla pocket coupon

1 box quesadilla pocket
used $1.50/1 catalina
= .38

2 Super large bottles of LA looks hair gel(hubby been begging me for weeks for some gel)
used $1/1 insert coupons, any LA looks
used 2 double coupons
= .99 each

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