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Sunday, November 29, 2009

thru november 30 2009 staplesw coupon code $25 FREE sharpie products

Staples is currently offering $25 worth of FREE Sharpie Products HERE when you use the coupon code 96140 at checkout!

You will still have to pay shipping unless your purchase is over $50, then it's FREE

This deal is only valid through tomorrow, November 30th

Thanks SD

1 comment:

  1. First if you are not already a Staples reward member enroll HERE

    Staples is offering $25 off FREE Sharpie products HERE with the coupon code 91640

    But the coupon code is coming up invalid when you submit online. Call customer service 1-800-891-0195 and place the order via phone and they will deduct the $25 for you. ( entire process took me about 10 minutes and the Customer Service Rep. was SUPER NICE and SUPER HELPFUL finding me items to substitute for the item I wanted that was already out of stock)

    Now to get your batteries order (2) 20 packs of AA or AAA as per the ad HERE page 10 for me

    With 2 packs of batteries at $12.99 each and $25 of Sharpies you will qualify for FREE shipping on order over $50.

    As advertised you will get $12.99 in Staples Rewards for each pack of Batteries - limit 2 per week. Remember Staples Rewards checks will be mailed in January and are only valid for purchases at Staples it is NOT a money back rebate.

    So you pay just tax ( and anything above $25 on the Sharpies ) for EVERYTHING and it will be delivered to your front door!!!