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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

my walmart trip today

well, couponing at walmart is going pretty well!! I paid $20 for nearly $110 in groceries today.
When i got there, there were coupon specialist checkouts open. But when i went to check out, they were all closed... but the regular cashier did pretty good. i just helped her with ringing up all the coupons :)

Things I got free with coupons:
5 jars nalley relish(for summer bbq's)
6 bottles green tabasco sauce, medium size
10 cans ortega diced green chilies
6 packages of Keebler cookies
8 tubs pampers baby wipes

Other coupon deals:
4 Rhodes Rolls .28 ea
1 nalley tiny dill pickles .26
2 nalley sliced dill .12 ea
6 boxes rice krispy treats .25 ea (plus free movie ticket value $12)
1 bottle v8 fusion juice .98(needed juice)
4 large boxes cheezit crackers .78 ea
2 kids colgate tpaste. 78 ea(needed badly)
2 boxes q-tips,500ct .97 ea

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