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Monday, July 12, 2010

my albertsons trip this morning Over $116 for $11

Pop tarts were completely wiped out, but i still got a rain check :)

Pantene styling products (12 or more kinds to choose from!) SALE $3.49 ea
Bought 3
Used three $2/1 coupons from parade mag
Used $2 survey store coupon
=2.98 for Three

I repeated that 3 times= $9.88 for 12 large hairstyling products=.82 each
total savings=$41.60

6 dannon boxes yogurt .69 ea
Used $1 insert coupon
total savings=$13.80
10 boxes actII popcorn for FREE
(used $1/2 smartsource IP)
total savings $24.90
12 cans Libby's vegetables for FREE
used rain check for .49 ea
Used $1/3 IP coupons
Total savings=$15
4 boxes wheatables crackers .50 ea
2 boxes wheat thins .50 ea
Used $1/1 wheat thin IP from facebook, and $1/1 wheatables IP
Total savings =$21.34

Total spent= a little over $17= 46 items for .37cents a piece

total savings= $116.64

-->PLUS I also got three $2 surveys on my receipts that i can spend on future shopping trips.
$17-$6 in survey store coupons=
adjust the total to .24cents a piece on the above items (if i wanted to subtract this from my total spent today)

off to walmart this week.. i will let you know how that goes! it should be fun


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