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Saturday, October 17, 2009

caldwell albertsons stock update and scenarios used

RUN over to the store by the stadium- there is pillsbury roll dough in stock and cases of the General mills cereal for the $10 cat deal.

i got
9 crescent rolls
6 general mills cereal
used .55/1 cinn. toast crunch and $1/2 GM cereals
$1/1 crescent roll IPs from last month
=$14 paid, got $10 oyno and $3 oyno cats back

then Got
9 more pillsb. rolls
6 general mills cereal
used 3 $1/3 blinkies pilsbury
3 $1/2 cereal coupons
paid $19, use 10 and 3 catalinas
= $6 paid, got $10 oyno and $3 oyno cats back

♥total cost= .67 per item for all items above, and still have $13.00 in catalinas to spend next time.

or if you count all the catalinas now, then it was $33 minus $26 in catalinas received= $7 for all.
( .23 per item)

these rolls will get me through the holidays just fine!!
(i got mostly the crescent dough, uncut. so i can use it for more than just rolls.)

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