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Monday, May 17, 2010

walgreens this week.. or not

the only deal i am interested in is
Tylenol Cough, Cold, Sinus or Allergy Relief 20-24ct, Children's 4 oz, or Liquid 8oz $4.99

buy 2, receive $3 RR
$5/2 from RP 4/11
Total OOP: $1.98 for 2, after Coupons and RR

I may, or may not go this week...

I have been going to walgreens less and less over the past several months. I rarely go in at all anymore because most of the employees at the store i go to are often grumpy or unhappy looking and customer service there is lacking. I am often left standing and waiting... for someone to come back and help me but they dont come back. or if you do ask a question, a curt response is the norm. Hassles during returns, the list goes on..

I would much rather give my dollars to my Rite aid, where no matter what, the employees are ALWAYS friendly, kind, willing to help and go far out of their way to Help their customers, and love their couponing customers too!

I am glad to hear there are still some good walgreens stores that others go to, but the ones near my house could use some happy pills :)

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