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Sunday, May 30, 2010

cheap/free sobe at target

print the .50 target store coupons for sobe

and if you have any of the BOGO IPs to add to it, you can combine these two types of coupons
and get them for free to $5 for the first 10 bottles of sobe.
Get your target $5 gift card, then if you have more coupons, use them to buy 10 more, plus the $5 gift card and get 10 more for free..

my sample scenario:
I have 4 computers, so I could print eight .50 target store coupons, and 8 bogo IPs.
I could use the eight store coupons on my first transaction and pay $4 for 1o bottles, get $5card back.

then, Use all 8 bogo IPs on my second transaction and pay $2 for 10 more bottles. Use the $5card to pay the $2. I would have 3 dollars left on that card, and I would get another $5 card as well.

this is just a sample scenario. depending on how many computers you have or how many bogo coupons you have...

--At the very least, you can use 10 .50cent store coupons, if you can print that many, and pay $5 for your 10 bottles and get $5 back, making them free.

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