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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

a great week for free stuff!

I have never made a list of one whole week's worth of free items. I have been thinking I would start one just for fun, for myself, to see just how much free stuff i get in a week's time. I think it over in my head each week, but seeing the exact numbers written down i think would be just sorta fun to look over :)
I may or may not get to it, LoL. Its summer now for my kids, and all through june I act as chauffer three times a day. Somehow, i got to fit some shopping in there once or twice a week...
This is only a partial list of the items i got for free, just this week so far since monday, off the top of my head..

6 boxes wheat thins
4 pkgs hot dogs
6 boxes orvile redenbacher cheddar popcorn
2 bottles international delight
8 boxes crystal light
4 lbs strawberries
1 bunch bananas
6 ortega chiles
4 boxes totinos
2 boxes nexcare kids bandaids
5 bottles tabasco
3 french's mustard
4 rayovac batteries
3 bags cat litter
1 box cottonelle wipes
8 starbucks icecream
4 red baron pizza
1 pamm spray
1 armor all wipes
1 bag hersheys kisses
20 Sobe
-lots more kraft products
I cant think of at the moment..

plus i have received:
$23 in catalinas
$10 in RR

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