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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

major shopping trip at walmart tonight

It was Walmart's first official day of accepting All types of coupons and price matching just about anything..
They held to their word, as far as I could tell.
They even let me use the Target coupon for $3 off two armor all products, WITH two $2/1 Armor all coupons. So, $8.48 in Armor All products only cost me $1 :)

Before today, walmart would not take both coupons so I was pleased to see that their "new" coupon policy has indeed meant some good changes.


I got Pizza rolls free, rayovac batteries free, nexcare kids bandaids free, free french's mustard, free ortega green chilies, free tabasco sauce, starbucks icecream for .32 each, and Pamm cooking spray .86 each for the extra large cans.

I was very pleased with my first couponing trip at walmart since their coupon policy changes.
The cashier was well informed of most of the coupon changes and from what the employees told me, there will be employees that will be trained as "coupon specialists". Not just assistant managers or supervisors. Regular cashiers can also apply to become a coupon specialist.

So it looks so far, as if there wil be not only new, but POSITIVE changes when it comes to shopping at Walmart with coupons.

A whole new world of possible FREE groceries and other fun deals has now begun!

The cashier made a few mistakes trying to ring up all the coupons but next time should be better, it was their first day after all!!

I will let you know how my next experience goes..

list of items purchased today:
2 large tubs amor all wipes for car and leather furniture - paid $1 each
(should have been $1 for both but she rang up wrong)
6 boxes of Red baron by the slice pizzas $1ea
4 boxes totinos pizza rolls .46c box
2 pkgs rayovac batteries free
10 pints icecream, starbucks non coffee flavors strawberries/creme etcetera .32each
2 oversized cans of pamm cooking spray .86 each
2 boxes star wars nexcare kids tattoo bandaids free
3 frenchs mustard, spicy and regular, one free, two for .32 each
5 bottles tabasco sauce free
(accidentally charged me for one extra bottle)
6 cans ortega green chiles to go with all my tortillas for making chicken enchiladas! $1.32 for all six cans,
(should have been free but she did it wrong)

I ended up paying $19.32 for over $95 in walmart groceries, so I am not going to worry about the few mistakes on my receipt :)


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