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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Happy with your purchase, Unhappy? Let them know!

have you ever written to a company through mail or email? Either with a problem or a praise?

I have a few times. Once, i emailed dreyers to let them know the icecream i had purchased was defective. They sent me coupons for free icecream

I emailed Huggies to let them know I love their products and have used them for all 3 of my kids. I got $2 coupons, and more

I have done this a couple other times all with good results.
My most recent email, I was not even expecting to receive coupons for at all!! I was simply emailing Purina to ask where I could go to purchase a certain product of theirs. Since it was not being carried in any of the stores in the whole treasure valley, they emailed me back to let me know.
THen i also received a coupon good for up to $15 of free cat food and a couple other coupons. Boy, was I surprised and happy, too!

So the point is, if you really love a product, or really hate it or just don't know where to find it-
Try sending an email or letter to the company. You may get some really good coupons that way for the products your interested in!

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