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*Albertsons now accepts all coupons to use with their Doubler coupons.

*Walmart will be accepting all competitor coupons starting June 1, 2010


Tuesday, June 15, 2010

update on my experience with the "new" walmart couponing

so, i posted back at the beginning of the month, after Walmart's first official day of their new couponing policy. They now accept nearly all coupons and competitor store coupons and even allow you to combine those store coupons with manufacturer coupons. (including albertsons doubles, target store coupons, etc)

As i previously posted (here), my first experience was super fun and the cashier did fairly well, even with it being the first day. I was pleasantly surprised that the cashiers had obviously been prepared before hand for the event and to hear that there would be further coupon training available to their cashiers. They can become "coupon specialists".
(Look for this sign up by the lighted numbers at the registers, that indicates cashiers that know all the current rules and how to ring up your coupon items more efficiently)

So, TODAY. was a new day. It was my third trip there, since the new policy change on June 1st.
I have to say, it was by far the BEST and most pleasant trip thus far!
It has only been exactly 2 weeks, since their new policy started and already the drastic change is almost tangible.

The cashier had been very well trained, was thoroughly aware of how to handle all coupons, price matching/modifying, competitor coupons, stacking store/mfg coupons, etc.
Not only that, but she had also been trained in the most efficient process of how to organize the products and coupons so that my items and coupons were rung up as quickly as possible. It was almost lightning fast compared to the usual walmart couponing experience. All that had changed in just two short weeks!

Their new training and knowledge of couponing is nothing less than amazing. Before the new coupon policies, the cashiers seldom knew what was allowed and what was not, had to often request help from supervisors, and one cashier never seemed to do things the same as the next.
Now, after their policy change, the training of coupon knowledge and efficiency makes my shopping experience there much more enjoyable, pleasant and much less stressful.

Their goal is to train all employees to handle coupons in this same way and I applaud these efforts and the time they have obviously taken to successfully implement their new policies and educate all employees.

other stores, such as Kmart, Walgreens, etc could really use a lesson or two on educating employees on proper and allowable coupon usage and ensuring all their cashiers are so thoroughly briefed and provided the opportunity to learn more about helping all of us crazy couponers!

Keep up the good work, walmart!

Brief summary of my savings today.
4 pkgs kraft deli deluxe cheese $1.88 ea
3 4pks dannon crush cups yogurt FREE
4 cartons soy milk, less than .50 each
3 boxes drumstick icecream .74 cents a box
9 boxes red baron pizza $1 each
8 pints icecream .39cents each
1 pkg butter spread FREE
---and so much more :)

First coupon trip this week: saved over $56 on groceries
Second coupon trip this week: saved $54.88 on 24lbs Purina cat food(without corn fillers) and a 30pk CD-R discs. Paid $1.44 total.

Third coupon trip: got $40 of toys for birthday FREE, plus other killer deals



  1. Wow, guess I'll have to give them another try (haven't tried since the new change)!

  2. yeah, donell. its worth a try :)
    you can combine target or other grocery store coupons with your mfg coupons there and they understand how to run all the coupons through. they dont care how many you have or how cheap you end up paying for your items. you can get diapers for less than $3 there with target coupons and mfg huggies coupons. i have extra diaper coupons printed if anyone wants any